Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What Kate Does

Hope you guys are surviving out there. This historic snow has shut most of us in for the longest time. Thank God we had a brand new episode of LOST last night to take our minds off the weather.

I have to be honest, I have never been a big fan of Kate on LOST, I always thought the performance from Evangeline Lilly was sort of one dimensional, but boy did she change my thinking about her acting. I thought this was a fantastic Kate-centric episode. Some very interesting developments with Kate and Sayiid. What was all that about Jack's sister? on my LOSTIES!

- Miss the small little clues from last night's episode. Don't fear, check out the easter eggs from What Kate Does.
Easter eggs

- Entertainment Weekly's Doc Jensen recap (fantastic and lenghty)
Doc Jensen recap

- LOST parody episode 11 ( I love these)
Episode 11

- LOST Untangled video recap of What Kate Does
Video review

- LOSTIES with Jed & Cara initial reaction to What Kate Does
LOSTIES intial reaction

- Next episode preview The Substitute
The Substitute

There you have it, quick but full of news. Definitely check out the easter eggs and see if you picked up on those small tidbits! Catch you next week!