Monday, June 18, 2007

NuBlack...the movement!

Ok, I have had enough! The black community, yes I said black..I can't stand the label African American. What has come of our community, our pride and the things we hold dear to ourselves. All most of us seem to be now is curse words, broken homes, ignorance and lack of respect for each other.
I went to the movies last night to see Knocked Up. This is a rated R movie and contains nudity, graphic language and drug use. I will get to why I told you that later. We decide to go to the 6:40pm movie and made a decision to meet up at 6:30. Now, I was hoping we would go to a theatre somewhere in Northern Virginia such as Arlington, where I live. My friend asked if I wouldn't mind coming in to the city instead and see the movie. So with a little hesitation I agreed to meet here at Regal Cinemas at Gallery Place. Let me first say that any experience that I have had a an all "black" theatre has been horrible. If any of you have gone to an all black theatre, you know EXACTLY what I am talking about. Now, some people may say, how can you say this about your own you not want to be black? First let me say, I am completely proud of my race and who I am. What I am saying to you in this blog is there is a section of our community that needs to be put in!
So, I am standing outside of the theatre waiting for my date to arrive and I start people watching..something I love to do. First thing I notice is that there are many young black kids running around all over the place, don't see any parents in the picture. As I watch these kids who are no older than 10, I am startled by a male with huge headphones on rapping extremely loud, so loud that I can't hear the person I am talking to on the phone. Now, I am all for someone expressing themselves through music since I am a huge fan of music, but when there are kids around and there are curse words in the lyrics, keep them to yourself. Next I notice 2 gay black men with a black woman who is talking on the phone. Apparently, one of the men took a chicken wing of hers and she went off. Again, there are kids everywhere. She starts screaming, "Fuck you nigger", "Give me back my mutha fuckin piece of chicken!" I can't take it anymore...just when I am about to lose it, a Lil Jon wanna be pulls up right in front of the theatre with music blasting loud, gets out the car and wait for it......leans on his car and basically poses for 20 minutes! Are you kidding me??
Finally, my date arrives and we go inside to the theatre. We were a bit late so we had to sit in the front of the theatre. First thing I notice in my row, 4 of those kids I mentioned earlier who were cursing up a storm sitting in my row, none of them older than 10. The mother, no were to be found. Even before the movie starts, the kids are kicking each others chairs, yelling, talking on their phones and cursing like sailors. The theatre goes dark and the previews start playing with the kids still making alot of noise. Again I remind you, this is an R rated movie, what are these kids doing in here. Cell phones going off, kids yelling. Finally the mother arrives and she is no better, her phone rings and she holds a 5 minute conversation with someone named Darnell on the phone. Apparently, Darnell owes this woman money and he better give it up soon or she is going to whip his mutha fuckin ass! Oh and don't let me forget the 157 times they all got up to move around making us get up everytime they did...grrrrrrrr!
Why do I tell you this story? First, never go to an all black theatre if you WANT to see the movie. Second, this behavior only strengthens my point that a new movement needs to start, NuBlack. NuBlack is for blacks of all ages to finally stand up and put an end to this kind of ridiculous and embarrassing behavior. Now, I am in no way saying I am perfect, but I was taught what is right and what is wrong. But what about the kids that don't have a father in the home?? Fuck that excuse, I grew up without a father and turned out just fine. Knowing that education is key, respect is key and you have to work hard for what you want. Kids today want to take the easy road to get what they want. They have no respect for their parents, authority or even themselves. I want black kids and adults who allow and take part in this behavior to wake the fuck up! You are going to get NOWHERE acting this way. That is were people of the NuBlack movement will come in.
If you see a young girl or boy doing or saying something they shouldn't talk to them, let them know that it isn't the right way to go about things. It is up to us to stress education and respect to these kids before they end up in prison or in the ground, because that is where they are headed!
Join me in the NuBlack movement!